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  LG 23" LED E2380DF

See the Universe through your monitor LG E2380V LCD Monitors

The E80V Series is a stunning and enlightening addition to any room with its smooth and clean lines, thin bezel edging, eye-catching stand and breathtaking Galaxy LED Lightning. It also has flawless picture quality to match its splendid beauty. It boasts a Mega contrast Ratio that captures the most intricate details of color and features SUPER + Resolution to enhance your viewing experience beyond your imagination

Key Features

  • Ultra – Slim Design
  • Super+ Resolution
  • Seamless Flowing Finish
  • Mega Contrast Ratio
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Premium LED

Ultra – Slim Design
This bright and vivid LED screen packs a ton of power while remaining remarkably slim. The unique slimness of the monitor adds to its already breathtaking design, as well as makes it easy to maneuver around the desk
Seamless Flowing Finish
The clean and seamless design is truly impressive as the screen appears to nearly go right to the edge with a hidden bezel and sleek finish that are all packed within the 16.9mm thin monitor
Eco-Friendly Materials
eco-friendly monitor that understands your concerns for health and environment. Free of hazardous substances such as halogen and mercury, LED backlight minimizes industrial waste with its longer product life and lighter weight compared to CCFL monitors
Super+ Resolution
SUPER+ Resolution enhances SD contents to stunning HD like quality by improving the quality of up scaled images with the removal of fading and roughness problems around the edges. SUPER+ Resolution also plays HD contents back with more stunning and vivid picture quality.
Mega Contrast Ratio
Offers excellent picture quality that can be realized by LED technology by showing sharper contrast of brightness and darkness.
Premium LED
Compared to normal LCD, LED offers true-to-life pictures supported by Mega Contrast Ratio, as well as a much slimmer and lighter appearance that makes the monitor easy to handle


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