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  LG 23" LED 3D D2342P

Key Features

  • Tridef 3D convertor
  • Greater convenience usage
  • brilliant 3D pictures
  • Battery-free and electron waves free glasses
  • light and comfortable 3D glasses
  • crosstalk-free
  • The next generation of 3D monitor FPR technology
  • Certified flicker-free

Tridef 3D convertor
2D to 3D conversion function of Tridef 3D enables videos and photographs in 2D to be converted easily in real time to 3D contents,bringing a rich,visual depth.
brilliant 3D pictures
the 3D screen is more than two times brighter compared with the conventional 3D monitor,and the super energy saving function allows less power consumption
light and comfortable 3D glasses
weighing only 16g approximately 1/3 of the weight of conventional 3D glasses you will not feel inconvenient at all even using our cinema 3D glasses for a long period of time.
Certified flicker-free
You are able to enjoy comfortable 3D through our certified flicker-free monitor
Greater convenience usage
A true 3D monitor, no more additional expenses and complex connections to enjoy 3D
Battery-free and electron waves free glasses
LG cinema 3D glasses are viewed through polarizing lens, there are no need for batteries and do not create any electron waves.
less eye strian and easy absorption is available due to the crosstalk-free technology of LG cinema 3D monitors
The next generation of 3D monitor FPR technology
the nex generation of 3D mnoitor technology is evolving the FPR 3D technology based o which one can enjoy real 3D by overcoming the limitations of the shutter glass type 3D technology


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