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This LG Manufacturer's warranty does not cover:

·         Maintenance, repair or replacement of parts or consumables due to normal wear and tear.

·         Repair of scratches to the outside of the unit and other externally exposed parts caused by normal use of the unit.

·         The product is operated outside published maximum ratings.

·         The serial number has been removed or made illegible.

·         The unit has been used for anything other than a normal domestic application.

·         Battery seals have been broken or tampered with.

·         Accident, neglect, improper storage, misuse, exposure to moisture and dampness or act of god.

·         Improper installation, unauthorized modifications, liquid entering the unit, electricity surges or other defects in electricity supply, inadequate antenna systems or external interference.

·         Tampering with or the breaking of the screen.

·         Improper use or intentional short circuiting of batteries.

·         Use of non-LG approved accessories.

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